Articles, books and interesting ressources on dancing in the early years and the subject of the Artist-Mother.

Engaging families in dance: An investigation of moving parents and children together. An article by Edward C. Warburton (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA), Patricia Reedy (Luna Dance Institute, USA) and Nancy Ng (Luna Dance Institute), USA Published in the International Journal of Education & the Arts, in 2014 15(1).

The First Steps: Luna Dance Institute. By Patricia Reedy, Published in InDance by Dancers Group in May 2012. 

Threes and Me: Reflecting on Dance in Early Childhood. By Patricia Reedy, published on the Luna Dance Institute email newsletter in March 2015.

Reconsidering the terms “artist” + “mother”. An article by Elizabeth MacKenzie published on her blog in 2015.

Artist-Mother Ressources (books and articles) compiled by Elizabeth MackEnzie.

Detailed information about the BrainDance (TM) developed by Anne Green Gilbert at the Creative Dance Centre in Seattle. We use a similar approach to warm up in Dancing the Parenting.


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