Drift-Walk Exercises

Here is the beginning of a list of exercises one can do within the Drift-Walk

Body Scan

Wind or patterns in nature can help us scan our body, locate tensions, relax them. For example, I can feel the light wind on the surface of my body, if the tone of the wind changes I can imagine the wind going further in, through my muscles, etc.

Herbs, flowers, leafs in a tree, reflections on water may be moving a little here and there. Just as my eyes catch these movements in no particular order, I can feel my attention moving from different places to different places in my body without apparent logic: tension in neck, little toe moving, fingers, breathing, catching my balance, cold nose…


Noticing dominant colours. Noticing my weight and its relationship with the wind or the quality of the soil, soft or not. Noticing dominant fragrance. Noticing dominant sounds, or the disappearance of usual sounds.

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