Dance Un-Conference concept creation & facilitation, in collaboration with Miriam Colvin, Made in BC- Dance on Tour & the Dance Centre in Vancouver. – April 29, September 19 & October 18, 2009.


  • April: Justine Chambers, Melanie Kuxdorf, Sarah Russell, Sarah Ballard, Caroline Liffmann, Laura Hicks and Claire French.
  • September: Brett Owen, Caitlin Brown, Cara Siu, Dawne Carleton, Julianne Chapple, Sarah Ballard, Sarah Russell
  • October: Caitlin Griffin, Jennifer Cole, Melanie Kuxdorf, Peter Starr, Tohenn Glover



  • Improving skills for articulating dance ideas to peers and public.
  • Allowing choreographers to try ideas on a group of dancers and facilitate the opportunity for ensemble work, a rare luxury.
  • Trying ideas without much financial risk.
  • Giving power to the dancer. The dancers choose which projects get explored. This process re-iterates that a project, any project, is always made with the agreement of the dancer and that the dancer is responsible for the quality of the project, not just because it is paid work.
  • Promotion, sharing and tracking of ideas: new ideas and common ideas.
  • This project helps choreographers in risk taking and dancers who wish to transition into choreography.
  • Including the public and presenters into the development of work, with an inside view on what is next, what is hot and what is on the mind of the local dance artists.
  • The documentation, video and text, can be used by choreographers to present their project to funding bodies and future creative partners.

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