Stroller Dance Short Film

Ensemble indépendant and choreographer Julie Lebel produced and directed a short stroller dance film in Sept-Iles, QC in 2012-2013.

This project was made possible with the support of local organizations such as Télé-Québec Côte-Nord, L’Envol Maison de la famille, la Salle de Spectacle Jean-Marc Dion et La Ville de Sept-Iles. Thank you to the Conseil des Arts et de Lettres du Québec via its Fonds des arts pour la Côte-Nord for the financial support of this adventure.

The artists include: Julie Lebel as the project director and choreographer, Gabriel Rochette as director of photography, Liane Thériault as assistant director and cameraman, Mathieu Boudreault as cameraman. The music is composed by Scott Thomson and played by the Woodshed Orchestra. The artists engaged with a community of parents and grand-parents with their babies and children through dance and music.

Avec toi (With You) features mothers dancing with their baby in a stroller. Filmed in Sept-Iles, in Québec, the film shows families dancing their way through town and assembling on the “Vieux Quai”, (the old wharf) for a communal dance by the water, on beautiful summer day.

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