Mobile Clubbing

Mobile clubbing is where a (small or large) group of people meet together in a public place and put on earphones and over the course of a set period of time just dance to a personal stereo. Each person listens to whatever music they want to (each different), and they dance. People do this in London, and it’s lots of fun.

These are the only instructions:

– arrive at location at designated time
– start dancing to your personal stereo to the music of your choice
– spread out in space as that will prevent us from being asked to leave

The Mobile Clubbing Project in Vancouver was directed by Robyn Campbell and Julie Lebel. This project was a site specific and community dance research in different parks in Vancouver. We where invited to participate at Fuse (Vancouver Art gallery), International Dance day (Vancouver Dance Centre), and the Festival of New dance of St. Jonh’s, NF. The Mobile Clubbing Lab was a two week intense creative research with these great artists:

  • Christina Leist, children’s book illustrator and graphic designer;
  • Elisha Clement, photographer
  • Jean Routhier, audio wrapper
  • Jesse Scott, new media artist
  • Rina Liddle, visual artist
  • Nola Semczyszyn, visual artist/academic
  • Benoit Faure, Photographer (Tours, France)
  • Robyn Campbell, dance artist
  • Julie Lebel, dance artists
  • The Mobile Clubbing Lab has been made possible with the financial support of the Canada Council for the Arts.

Vancouver Courrier article.

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