Findings / Trouvailles (Roundhouse Dancers)

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Photo credits: Yvonne Chew. Findings/Trouvailles at the Solstice Festival, December 21 2015.

Since the Fall of 2013, The Roundhouse Community Dancers in Vancouver explore Findings/Trouvailles with dance artists Julie Lebel and Miriam Colvin. Through their 10 year collaboration Julie Lebel and Miriam Colvin share the excitement of finding “unknown dances” as they support community dancers in discovering that they are capable of dancing in an articulate and meaningful ways. They will work with dancers to invent new ways to engage with surroundings through dance. The process begins with introductory movement workshops, followed by collaboratively designed, playful public space explorations/installations. Together the group will collect dance ideas and create choreography.

This program is offered for free for participants. Existing members are automatically registered. New members must register through the Roundhouse when fall programs are open for registrations (August 2015).

This residence is made possible with the support of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and Made in BC Dance on Tour.

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Photo credits: Yvonne Chew, from Hello Hello‘s work in progress showing in July 2014.

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