Echelle humaine

A Community-based Art Project

In the summer of 2005, Julie Lebel and Sébastien Cliche initiated “Scale:Human”, a project in which they called upon the people of Sept-îles to create a new representation of the city’s public spaces.

Citizens were invited to contact the artists in order to speak of their relationship to public spaces. They revealed the memories, visions, or rituals, which for them endow these publicly accessible spaces with a personal meaning.

Several meetings between the participants and the artists made it possible to jointly survey these places in order to document and stage each person’s story. The result is a living and subjective cartography, a space of exchange and appropriation that allows one see to see city spaces in a different way. View the interactive map here.

Citizens were also invited to participate in a series of activities that focused on the physical appropriation of the places and the sensory links that connect us with our environment.

A place cannot be reduced to its function—it is an organic and sedimentary assemblage of the different experiences of those who make use of it.

Visit the project’s webpage here.

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