Violent Frankness Project

Choreography: Julie Lebel, Dancers: Claudia Fancello and Isabelle Chevrier, Music: Scott Thomson (trombone), Costumes: Dagmara Stephan, Light: Gabriel Rochette.

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Performances dates and places:

-August 21- 24 2004: Chapelle du Vieux-Poste, Sept-Îles.

November 13 -16 2003 : Tangente, Montréal.

-October13-25 2003: Salle de spectacle de Fermont, Northen Québec, residency.

-September 4 2003: Guelph Jazz Festival, Ontario.

-June 5-7 2003 : DanceMakers, Season Finale 2002-2003, Series 8: 08, Toronto.

-January 25 2003: YMCA Central, Series 8: 08, Toronto.

-December 14 2003: Vernissage-Danse, Studio 303, Montréal.

-Oct. 18-19 2003: Correspondanse, Studio La Rotonde, Québec.

This project was supported by the Canada Council for the Arts, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Emploi Québec (for the training workshops in our residency in Fermont, Québec).

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