Isabelle, Duet for a Woman and a Girl

This duet was composed for a woman, Isabelle Chevrier, a professional dancer and a Geneviève Tremblay, a little girl who was ten year old when we finished the process. I was inspired by the duality of maturity and childhood. I wanted to witness a dance where touch is natural, where the maturity and strength of the grown woman would blend in with the spontaneity and fragility of the child.

Dancers: Isabelle Chevrier & Geneviève Tremblay.

Choreography: Julie Lebel

Music arrangements by Germain Bériau with the music of Pierre Tanguay, The Lounge Lizards, Sidney Bechett, Pascal Contet, Joëlle Léandre, Danielle Roger.

This choreography was presented:

  • November 2001: Tangente, Danse en famille Series, Montréal.
  • September 2000: Petit Théâtre la Patente, Sept-Îles.

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