Hello Hello

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Hello Hello playfully connects dance, music and architecture.

Weather permitting, Hello Hello can be set in a temporary installation of Dance Traces (footsteps to mark directions for a dance) that the public is invited to participate in before the performance starts.
Photo credits: Yvonne Chew

Presentation history:
A work in progress of Hello Hello was filmed at Trout Lake Community Centre in May 2015 with Andrea Keevil, Meredith Kalaman, Mark Haney, Alsion Gorman and Ellen Marple.

A work in progress was presented at the Roundhouse Theatre in Vancouver on July 6 2014 at 1pm. Due to intense rain, the work was moved from the Turntable to the theatre.

This version included an original collaboration with the Roundhouse Community Dancers: Heather Blais, Shelley, Michael Fournier, Irena Gancewska, Loretta Hands, Monique Haziza, Nissa Howard, Debbie Lee, Paul Lee, Peggy Leung, Wilson Leung, Mimi, Roger Stewart, Glenna Wong and Henry Wong.

The professional dancers were: Anne Cooper, Meredith Kalaman, Miriam Colvin and Mirae Rosner. The professional musicians were Mark Haney (double base), Alison Gorman (Trumpet), Ellen Marple (trombone) and Sam Davidson (clarinet).

This video is an excerpt of the July 6 2014 work in progress presentation at the Roundhouse Theatre.

This video is a series of excerpt of our first test rehearsal on March 7 2014 at the Dance Centre in Vancouver. Thanks to Hailey McCloskey who participated in this test rehearsal.

This project is supported by the British-Columbia Arts Council and the province of British-Columbia. The initial research was also funded through the Canada Council for the Arts as a choreographic mentorship with Karen Jamieson. Thank you!





Creative acknoledgement

Hello Hello’s process and choreography is influenced by my two mentors, Karen Jamieson (Vancouver) and Nina Martin (Texas, USA). I have grown a lot under Karen’s mentorship in my investigation of the connection between community engaged and professional practices. Since 2005, I have been taking every opportunity to study with Nina Martin to explore Ensemble Thinking, a set of tools for dance making. In Hello Hello’s process I am exploring more opportunities to connect dancers and musicians using Ensemble Thinking.

Thank you to Justine Chambers, Jane Osborne and Hailey McCloskey for their contribution in the early phase of the process.

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