Field Notes / Relevé de terrain

Field Notes (Relevé de terrain) is a suite of choreographic moments following the pace of a walk, where choreography, music and images work together to reveal the sensory details of our physical responses to the natural landscape. Danced by Quebec-based dancer Karine Gagné, the work was created in collaboration with musicians Sébastien Cliche and Christian Miron and videographer Gabriel Rochette. This evocative and original piece evolved out of Lebel’s Drift-Walks project in Sept-Îles, Quebec in 2006 where responses by nature walk participants were incorporated into the choreographic process.

Choreography: Julie Lebel, dancer: Karine Gagné, visual artists & musicians: Sébastien Cliche & Christian Miron, documentation & technique: Gabriel Rochette, light: Rémi Demontigny.

-June 21 & 22 2006: Chapelle du Vieux-poste, Sept-Îles, QC.

-April 16-19, 2009: Tangente, Montreal, QC.

-September 18-19 2009: The Dance Centre Vancouver BC.

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