Artistic Statement

I engage the public in their discovery of the experience of dancing. This practice has led me to develop tools for hospitality in performance and in the performing body. I seek to install dance ideas in theatres or public spaces in such a way that both public and performers will be invited in.

Play is central to my practice in its power to re-shape reality. In my work, professionals and non-professional, young and old alike are capable, make choices and solve problems, lead and follow, create and collaborate. I make dances with and for parents/caregivers and babies/toddlers/children. I facilitate groups of youth, adults and elders to find their unknown dances as collectives and as individuals.  My creative processes are sometimes held in theatres and often in public spaces because they hold our collective experiences/stories and affect how we move, behave and think.

My goal is to create and produce contemporary choreographic works. To collaborate, exchange creative tools and to articulate new ideas between peers and mentors is integral to my creative process.

I choose an esthetic of encounter and dialogue between dance and music over the practice juxtaposition of the two art forms. Video, photo and writing documentation are present throughout the creative process and inform its development or exist as a stand alone artistic output. Movement making is the result of problem solving with the collaboration of dancers.

I seek learning opportunities with local mentors such as Karen Jamieson for deeper embodiment in the facilitation of my work in professional or nonprofessional contexts. I travel to the United States to study Ensemble Thinking with Nina Martin, a set of dynamic composition tools. As I become more aware, I stand against artistic and cultural appropriation and carry the knowledge and ideas with respect for peers, artistic mentors and ancestors.


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