Dancing the parenting, looking for participants

If you are interested in dance improvisation, creating work together, involving children (if you have any, but the practice is open to parents and non-parents), and have previous improvisation/dance/theatre/music/film/visual art/etc experience or a big interest and curiosity about the arts, consider joining the Foolish Operations Ensemble and participate in the development of the practice called Dancing the Parenting.

We practice Tuesday and Thursday mornings and our children range in age from 0-4 years. The process is open to every age group (older kids/home schoolers/moms and dads/non-parent dancers who are interested in the process), and several showings and performances are planned for the year. It is free. Commitment for at least one day a week is required.

More information about the group can be found here.

Our detailed schedule can be found here.



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