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December 3, 2012

December 2012 News

The Foolish Operations Ensemble is a group of parents who dance and play music with their children. We meet twice a week, at Creekside Community Recreation Centre and Moberly Arts and Culture. To join, watch videos or for more information click here.

Since March 2012, I am fortunate to be under the mentorship of Karen Jamieson in my exploration of the intersections of community engaged and professional dance. As part of this project, I am exploring choreographic ideas drawn from my research in community engaged setting with professional dancers Justine Chambers, Meredith Kalaman, Anne Cooper, Mirae Rosner, Jane Osborne and Miriam Colvin. The theme of joy in presence is an important thread.

Finally, the Stroller Dance Short Film is about to be finished! For more info on this project, visit: